Pan Seared Cali Halibut over Sauteéd Cabbage

Pan Seared Cali Halibut over Sauteéd Cabbage

This recipe serves 4. 

Chanterelle mushrooms are a golden treasure that we find in California oak forests this time of year and Califoirnia halibut is sooo good. Cabbage makes a great base and really completes the meal. Make the cabbage first and warm it a bit before serving.


2 tbsp unsalted butter (I used Miyokos vegan butter)
3 slices lean, uncured, unsweetened bacon
1 shallot sliced
4-6 Chanterelle mushrooms, sliced
6 cups sliced cabbage

Melt the butter in a cast iron pan. Add bacon and sauté until cooked. Add shallot and  Chanterelles and sauté 5 min to soften. Add cabbage and sauté just until soft.  Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.


1/12 lbs California Halibut in four pieces
1 tblsp Spanish/smoked paprika
Sea salt

Heat a cast iron skillet. Add 3 tbsp olive oil and heat to almost smoking. Place fish in hot oil seasoned side down cook one minute. Flip the fish, season other side and  cook one minute more. Place in broiler to finish for another 2-3 minutes.

TO SERVE: place halibut on top of cabbage and squeeze a little meyer lemon on top. We enjoyed with 2019 Before Anyone Else.