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JoAnn and Cris’s Holiday Message
JoAnn and Cris’s Holiday Message

JoAnn and Cris’s Holiday Message

By JoAnn Cherry

As Cris and I reflect on the past year, a few things come to mind.


It takes a village to raise a bottle of wine and we could not do what we do without the help of our small and mighty team. Cheers to Oliver, Camille, Lindsay, Lupe and Kenton for tending to our wines, our vines and our customers.


With 22 years winemaking under our belts we can tell you that the best wine is made in the vineyard and the best grapes are grown without chemical inputs. Keeping the soil alive and vibrant directly affects the quality of the wine. We are proud of our efforts and experience and hope that we are helping to raise the bar and grow the movement in Paso Robles and beyond. We look forward to seeing more certified organic vineyards in the new year.


Infusing our farm with new life is a passion. Presently, we are raising 3 kittens and a puppy, all of whom with play a critical part in keeping our farm in balance. Our kittens, Merry, Pippen and Finn, will join our other outdoor cats in keeping the gopher and ground squirrel population down, making Lupe’s job easier. Our Blue Healer pup, Chickie, will one day help move the sheep around the property. The new year will bring us a human baby and we couldn’t be more excited! Oliver and his wife Natalie are expecting in May. Cheers to babies!!


This year we reignited relationships with community friends, that were put on hold during those Covid years. We have such a great community of farmers, winemakers and friends here in Paso Robles and it has been so wonderful to spend time with you all again.


A highlight of 2023 was the release of a written portrait of the MAHA Estate and Cris and me. R.H. Drexel really captured us in this candid piece. We were honored to be her subjects and to be featured in such an esteemed publication. Read the article here.


It’s easy to keep our heads in the sand and forget that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Our hearts go out to all those in war torn countries and in our own country who have lost loved ones this year. We hope that you will find time to send healing vibes to those who are hurting across the globe and support humanitarian efforts if it is within your means. We are donating to UNICEF.

YOU ❤️

Finally, our hearts are filled with gratitude for our amazing customers, many of whom have become great friends over the years. You make what we do worthwhile and we truly love spending time with you here at the winery and on the road.

We wish you health, prosperity and much love this holiday season and in the year to come.

Warm regards,

Cris and JoAnn

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