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Villa Creek Wine Info

One of our great pleasures is preserving a moment in time in a bottle and enjoying it for years to come. Villa Creek wines capture the vintage of the best BIODYNAMIC® and organically farmed vineyard sites on the west side of Paso Robles and the Central Coast of California.


Most of our Villa Creek wines are dominated by Grenache and Syrah. We began working with Grenache in 2001. Grenache brings vibrance, round red fruits and an amazingly complex mouthfeel. Syrah brings an entirely different component; dark and brooding, delicious and meaty. Our west Paso Robles limestone imparts freshness and vitality to Syrah taking it to another dimension of complexity and cellar worthiness. Each vineyard’s microclimate adds it own nuances that we do our best to capture. Our Villa Creek red wines also include Mourvèdre, Carignan and Petite Sirah as blending components and occasionally as special release single varieties. We work with Roussanne and Clairette in our white wine program, both as blends and single varieties.


Villa Creek wines are made with grapes grown on our home estate, MAHA, and with grapes from vineyards that meet our growing criteria of being certified organic and/or BIODYNAMIC® or practicing organic farming methods. Currently our vineyard sources are MAHA, James Berry, and Kirk-Landry.


In order to truly capture the vintage, we let the grapes do the work as we facilitate optimal fermentation conditions. All clusters and grapes are hand picked and double sorted by hand on our vibrating sorting tables. About 20% of our grapes are fermented on stems. Our winery is a Demeter BIODYNAMIC® and CCOF organic certified facility. As BIODYNAMIC® standards allow for minimal sulfur use and organic yeasts, these are used only when required, not as common practice. Our preference is always to allow the our unique native yeasts the opportunity to flourish.