Mari's Musings

October 15, 2020


Small Changes FOR The Greater Good

 When everything piles up like things tend to do in 2020, any problem can seem too big to tackle. So much of what we’re facing as a nation and around the world feels both out of control and above pay grade. But a few months back, I realized that all I need to do is change my mindset. Sure, there’s a lot out there that needs to be done. And much of that stuff probably is outside of my power. But there are also so many ways I can personally make a difference! So, throughout quarantine, I’ve been working on making small changes to the things I CAN control as my way of making a noticeable impact on our environment and our world.

   I started by getting active on social media. Posting about issues that mattered to me. Sharing petitions. Compiling resources that I found helpful. Then, I started donating to civil rights groups, environmental advocacy groups, and political campaigns. 

   What I did next was almost the most challenging: I turned my focus to the ways I consume goods. I’ve been researching clothing companies to identify brands that make concerted efforts to minimize waste or use recycled fabrics, buying eggs from free-range chickens (even though they cost more), and eating organic meats and produce. And it feels good! I’ve finally found a way to manage my stress about the state of things by making changes on a personal level. And I want to share with you some of the small steps I’ve made and feel proud of every day. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to try them, too:


This one seems particularly small, but as a person who loves to cook and eat, it comes up nearly every day and always makes me smile: STASHER BAGS. That’s my preferred brand, but any kind of reusable silicone “Ziploc” to replace single-use plastic sandwich bags will do. It’s surprisingly fulfilling to pack my leftovers or snacks into these guys each day rather than into a bag I know I’ll end up throwing away.





CUTTING DOWN ON ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Ethically, I’ve always wanted to go vegetarian or vegan, but, for one, I don’t have the willpower. And two: it felt like an insurmountable transition. So, I went smaller. I’ve been working on excluding animal products from at least one meal a day. This has been really hard — I’m a carnivore and I live for cheese, so, some days go better than others — but the challenge is part of what makes it so rewarding!




VOTING!!! Don’t forget – the general election is November 3rd! I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past several weeks/months on propositions and candidates, and being an informed voter is a great way to affect change, particularly on the local level. This is our chance to have our voices heard. Make a voting plan and vote early if you can!