PHD Post Harvest Depression

November 11, 2017

JoAnn mentioned to me the other day that I was out of sorts and that I might be suffering from PHD (Post Harvest Depression).  Harvest is such an exciting time of year!  From the early morning vineyard walks to check fruit ripeness, to the actual harvest days, all the while working with a team of great individuals who work their asses off.  A pace like this requires a carrot here and there.  A few years back we started taking a “civilized” lunch.  I first heard of the concept from Adam Tolmach at Ojai who first learned the concept in his early years in France.  Basically, it is taking the time to sit down and enjoy a nice winery cooked lunch, open some wines and chat about what excites us in this world of wine.  It really helps to keep morale up when you are working 12-14 hour days. I had never thought about it as “depression” but something more like when you open the last present at Christmas.  The harvest fun is over but there is always next year to look forward to.

We are now transitioning back into the vineyard spreading organic compost, laying down cover crop and rotating the sheep through the vineyard.  It is time to think about how we can continue to raise the bar in the vineyard and cellar to present world class wines to you.  ~Cris~