Fiano, 2014

100% Fiano


 On a winter evening at Villa Creek restaurant, John and Jody Honor offered us a glass of Fiano made by a friend of theirs from grapes off a young block on their Luna Matta Vineyard. Unbeknownst to us, that glass was a clever attempt to sell us Fiano grapes. One sip and we were sold. This Fiano’s twinkling pale honey color is deceiving. The wine is rich while still lively, fruited and savory. Aromas of freshly sliced apples with a squeeze of lemon engage the nose. The first sip is at once electric and elegant with notes of apricots and marmalade, lavender and a hint of clove. The minerality lingers and makes this wine the perfect complement to your holiday raw bar. Drink now and for the next 5 years.


2014 Fiano

2013 Fiano